When I took this thing off  originally this this particular mount  came loose because there was a wire that  needed to come off of it and it was  sliding up and down on this copper tube  so I thought wrongly that well the  spacing between here and here and here  and here would be the same as between  here and here well it’s not this bottom  triac spacing is is a little different  probably by maybe even as much as a half  an inch so you might pay attention to  when you take this off maybe mark where  those heat sinks are and so you get them  back exactly in place because the  spacing does matter and the holes should  line up as close as possible so that’s  about the only trick the board seems to  be pretty solid it doesn’t appear to be  very delicate but you don’t bang it  around or drop it okay and these screws  are insulated on both sides so there’s a  there’s a nylon washer right here at the  head of the screw and and on the PC  board side there’s also another washer  and they fit nice and snug that snug I  don’t fall off so it’s a good match  between the screw and the washer.

So I do  appreciate that so anyway the next thing  is to put the wires back where we got  them and we should do that pretty easy  because we marked them all real well we  just need a double check or triple check  it and then we’ll be ready to smoke test  it so I’ll come back once I get a cable  Bend and and show you how that looks and  then we’ll run live while we smoke test  it okay that’ll be fun okay there it is  it’s all wired up I turned on the  breaker panel in the garage the load  Center and turned on the about four  breakers here and then there then I I  took a meter and I measured between the  l1 and l2 of the four circuits to  measure my voltage I had about it was  240 according to my meter 247 which  seemed a little high and I may check  that out in fact let me double check  that now with my meter  this is a great little meter.

If you  don’t have one get one it’s called a  fluke we laugh about it in the traders  say if it’s a fluke it’s a fluke if it  works so but I think it’s a fluke if it  doesn’t work so I’m reading 240 on each  one of my – 47 on each one of my legs  that seems a little bit high to me but  we’ll go with it then the alignment  procedure on this thing they have you  remove a wire from the limit switch  which is right up here okay right up  right up there and see that and and so  then it says securely place the end of  the wire away from the circuit board do  not let the wire touch the circuit board  restore power to this ice go at the  circuit breaker panel which kind of nice  to have these disconnects here after the  beeping stops find a blue button located  on the circuit board approximately 2  inches below the blinking green and red  status light it’s right here I’ve pushed  it in with a sharpie.

So I would actually  touching it with my finger and then push  and hold the blue button for  approximately 8 to 10 seconds and  release it you should hear a short low  tone buzz which we did and then says to  turn the power off this ice go at the  circuit breaker panel which is those  four panels right there  turn off the water at the faucet  reconnect the brown wire to the limit  switch restore power to the szybko you  will hear 2 to 4 beeps when the szybko  powers up which we did listen for the  unit to click this takes up to 45  seconds I think it clicked in about 35  or so  and then turn on the hot water at the  sink and test for water temperature  which we did and guess what we’ve got  hot water in our sink in our shower.

So  it was a success in retrospect I think  you know this this water heater takes so  much current if we had an emergency and  we had to go on generator power I don’t  think I’d get a generator enough just to  get me hot water in the bathroom so  that’s where people that have gas or  just have a an efficient standard water  heater water heater tank as opposed to a  tankless it might be better in an  emergency but anyway we’ll cross that  bridge when we get to it hopefully we  won’t let them put up any nonsense like  that so anyway thanks for watching and  hope you enjoyed this this little video  it’s been fun making it thanks for  watching bye.

Seisco Supercharger Installation

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