Create a new blog you just need about five minutes or less. Comparing to website, managing blog is much easier. Further more, make a blog is free as you can use free blog services such as BlogSpot.Even so, how to make your blog long lasting isn’t easy. Sometimes you might countenance moment when it leads you to inconsistency blogging time.

It arises probably due many activities in your life or too much of work. Of course, then you enable to maintain your time running blog consistency or it may be kind of bored. To keep your blog well- managed and long lasting, bellow are tips that may help you out of trap.Your goal must be set clearly. Determining propose of blogging. If you just follow current trend, as many people fall in love in blogging, probably your blogging time couldn’t last longer as you will be easier of getting fall into uncertain direction. Now, what is the goal in blogging?

For example if you are a doctor, you blog about health, medicine or tips of healthy life. If you are a chef, write about recipe and so on. So you have clear goal and direction.Write blog in your style. Because blog is unique, you must write in your own style. Write a blog is not like writing in newspaper or magazine but writing for blog just like you speak. It’s also called personality as you write your things base on your thought and opinion. Blog is representative of yours.Fill up blogs with variety of contents. If your blog has several categories, try to write in different topic within category.

So, its not always have to write a serious article. But you also can write a topic that may be light or comical. Of course, shouldn’t too far from main blog topic. The purpose is to avoid sense of saturated when you only concentrate on one thing.Write about your self-motivation and development. Believe it or not, writing about motivation when you feel less passionate, very helpful and can again boosts your spirit. How did you get the idea to write this article? There are many books to read relating to motivation and self-development.

Especially if you lack of confidence in writing articles, reading a book can really a great help.Many things you can do to make your blog long lasting where you need to maintain it by writing a new article and a few other works for updates. Use multi-media like YouTube and obtain more idea of writing your articles. The most important of all is about your blog purpose then you really feel enjoying your blogging experience.Image source:

4 Ideas How to Make Your Blog Long Lasting Blogging is easy.

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