The number of internet marketer tremendously increase everyday soliciting in make money online from the internet. Blogger as part of online community are becoming more and more in quantity includes experts, intermediates and beginners. Many are initially just for fun in the beginning, but its not a few who later became focus and take into account to make their blogs as an alternative source of income. It’s no harm, as blogging is free and no restrictions in purpose.

To know further about how popular the topic of making money online with blog, you just simply pick up the keywords related to make money online or make money online from blog and use them as search query in search engines. Keywords such as online business, blogging for money, monetize blog, how to create money online and so on are appear millions of pages of search results. This indicates that the online business today is a pretty scorching topic favored by the perpetrators of internet marketers and blogger.

Of course, when it comes to money, would be more interesting especially in current situation – a global recession.Basically, blogs [not all] have unlimited income opportunities. You know that the blog is a “gold mine” if managed by a smart marketing and supported by specific tricks and strategies. So, you want to make the blog as a source of income and blog money maker, here are simple 3 simple steps to start make money with blog.The First – Readership Blog Establishment. This means that the blog should have a strong foundation with a lot of reader [no visitor] of loyal readers which are visiting or reading blogs because they article obtain necessary information.

Find the blog topic and also decide target audience. Building a blog readership is not easy, even many blogger give up because they think that’s a difficult. Because blogs are two-way communication tool between blogger and reader, the communication between the two should work well. So that from blog readership produces blog traffics.The Second – Generating Blog Traffic. Many ways can be done to build traffic, one of which is to provide quality content. Another way is to write an article in SEO [search engine optimization] style that uses relevant keywords SEO friendly and many more like socializing online on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, BlogCatalog and [it is an example of free traffic generation], leave comments on other blog. Traffic building isn’t overnight job but there are effort for weeks or even months. The Third, Monetize Blog.

Making money online with blog is not only possible but a reality. Blogger can put ads [the easiest income stream is Google Adsense business even the results despite slow] and is complimentary of the existing content, readership and traffic has been established. Banner advertising, affiliate program or join to sell their own products is part of monetize blog. One thing to keep in mind that, blogger focused on the content given to the reader. Existing ads in the blog is a complimentary the form of blogger hard working. Avoid putting too many ads as it will affect the performance of a blog.

Discussion about 3 simple steps to money from my blog ended up here first, I hope your will have blog that can be a source of money online, or at least could make money to cover electricity bills and internet connection. One thing you have to underline that create money online from blog is not 24 hours job. You need some time to be featured as an online business players. Like other businesses, blog as money maker and source of potential online business is the asset; you need to maintain and develop it as profitable blog.

3 Simple Steps of Making Money with Blog

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